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Some royalty-free fun!

This video titled “Thank you Grampa” was sourced from the royalty-free websites and and was a rough mock-up/wire-frame for a client.  

Often it is not the content that matters most, but rather the creativity to put all the seemingly unrelated pieces together.

Interestingly, the Grand Father and Grand Mother models in this video have more views on the internet than many “famous” celebrities.

The freeze-frame on the young girl nails it (near the end).  It truly shows that taking video at 60 fps with a modern smartphone,  rather than a photographic snap-shot is the best way to that perfect picture.


Hurt feelings report 🙁


This video is titled “The Dunning-Kruger Effect.” 

There is an old saying that “ignorance is bliss.”  In this increasingly complex world – sometimes “not knowing” seems very enticing.

This “spoof” video advertisement for a “Reverse Access Lobotomy” may be a solution.

Adding Magic

A safety video mockup created from existing old photo assets. Using transitions and animated text can bring static pictures to life for a new purpose.

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